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About BMX

Bicycle moto cross (BMX) started in the late 1960s in California, around the time that motocross became a popular sport in the USA. The motorized version of the sport was the inspiration for the human powered competition. Children and teenagers with the desire but not the means to participate in motocross sated their appetite by racing bicycles on self-built tracks.

These young adventurers completed the imitation by dressing themselves up in motocross gear. The sport was given the name 'bmx' and the conception was complete. BMX races are held on circuits of around 1,200 ft (350 meters) , including jumps, banked corners called berms and other obstacles. Eight riders compete in each moto or heat (qualifying rounds, quarter finals, semi-finals, finals) with the top four qualifying for the next round.

BMX racing offered exciting action at a low cost, close to home. It is easy to see why the sport was an instant hit. In California the sport was more popular than anywhere else. During the early 1970s a sanctioning body for BMX was founded in the U.S.A. This is considered as the official start of BMX racing. As that decade progressed, the sport was introduced on other continents too, among them Europe in 1978. 

In April 1981, the International BMX Federation was founded, and the first world championships were held in 1982. BMX rapidly developed as a unique sporting entity, and after several years clearly had more in common with cycling than motorcycling codes. Thus, since January 1993 BMX has been fully integrated into the Union Cycliste Internationale.


 The main BMX areas in the world were and are the U.S.A., Europe and Australia, whilst South America has also been growing rapidly over the past years. BMX has been integrated with many national cycling federations. Currently, there are 75 national federations with official BMX activities recognized by the UCI. Over 1600 competitors from 32 countries participated in the 2013 UCI BMX World Championships that was held inAuckland, New Zealand.